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About Me

Born and raised in Germany to Italian and Greek parents Leonardo was shaped to become an observer within the various cultural contexts he lived in.

Being an avid consumer of the arts led him consequently to find his medium. Leonardo's films are visually raw, sensory and poetic while anchored in realistic contexts. With his concepts that revolve around human identity he aims to find that secret ingredient that transcends a truth that can only be sensed but hardly described.

In 2010 he directed the experimental shortfilm "Because you love me" which screened in New York, Spain and the Netherlands. In this same period he wrote the feature film script "Ego Ideal".

His next shortfilm "Traffic" went to multiple festivals worldwide and allowed him to to enter the industry in Amsterdam where he currently resides. Together with the Dutch Film Fonds he began to develop his feature film "Homesick".

In 2016 Leonardo won the pitch competition for his Italian feature project "Dogs and Lizards" at the T-Mobile New Horizon Film Festival in Wroclaw.
Previously in 2015 the same project won the Daazo pitch and was printed and distributed in the Daazo magazine during the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. This project is being further developed and is currently seeking a producer.

The feature film  "The convert" is a supported by East End Film GmbH. Since February 2020 the project is being funded by the MFG Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Further short projects in Greece, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy are in the pipeline.

In 2018 and 2019 Leonardo has begun to create a commercial portfolio and is now seeking representation as a commercial director. Being proficient in 7 languages allows him to work internationally.
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