Leonardo is a film maker  based in Amsterdam.

He was born and raised in Germany and is of greek and Italian origin. In 2006 after moving to Amsterdam, he enrolled in a filmmaking course and founded his company Aristo Productions. His first short films “Because you love me, I don’t need you” and “Kinisis (Traffic)” were screened on “various festivals in the USA, Italy, Ukraine, Greece and Germany. In 2015 he finalized the independent short film “home”.

Script writing

Currently he works on the realisation and development of his first feature film treating a mediterranean subject. The blood disease “Thalassemeia”.

Leonardo is being supported by the Dutch film fonds and Caviar Film & TV (Jeroen Beker, Annemarie Simmons).


The pitch for his next feature “Dogs and Lizard” has been selected for the pitch page by Daazo which will be distributed in 5000 copies on the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Leonardo is currently also pitching the feature project called “Ego Ideal”. Further short films are in development.

About me

I was raised in Germany inside an italian and greek household at the edge of a smalltown in South Germany. Since my early years I remember to be a daydreamer and storyteller.

Growing up within multiple cultural contexts and never being able to meet the expectations of one's heritage, my focus shifted onto exactly those subject matters. I like to construct parables that refer to a very real state in our society, in our culture and within ourselves. To me it is a very therapeutic process.


“home” is a film that tries to define what it means to feel “at home”


Nikarising Music video



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